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Current Applications

Application for 2023 Rates

Ottawa River Power submitted its 2023 Price Cap IR application on November 16, 2022 to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB).

The OEB has commenced processing the application and has assigned it file number EB-2022-0058.

To view the application, you can download a PDF copy using the following link:


Past Applications

Application for 2022 Rates – Approved

Approval has been made on a Decision and Rate Order of the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) on an application filed by Ottawa River Power Corporation for approval to change its electricity distribution rates to be effective May 1, 2022.

Ottawa River Power applied for approval of its proposed electricity distribution rates for five years, using the Price Cap Incentive rate-setting (IR) option.

With an approved 2022 test year, Ottawa River Power would be able to apply to adjust its rates mechanistically in each of the years 2023-2026, based on inflation and the OEB’s assessment of Ottawa River Power’s efficiency.

Ottawa River Power serves approximately 11,300, mostly residential and commercial electricity customers in the City of Pembroke, the Township of Whitewater Region (Beachburg only), the Town of Mississippi Mills (Almonte Ward only) and the Township of Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards (Killaloe only).

On February 25, 2022, Ottawa River Power filed a settlement proposal. The settlement proposal represented a full settlement agreed to by Ottawa River Power and the intervenors in this proceeding. OEB staff supports approval of the settlement proposal. Having considered the settlement proposal and the submissions of OEB staff, the OEB approves the settlement proposal as filed. As a result of this Decision and Rate Order, it is estimated that for a typical residential customer with a monthly consumption of 750 kWh, the total bill impact will be a decrease of $0.21per month before taxes and the Ontario Electricity Rebate, or 0.17%.

Application for 2022 Rates – Ontario Energy Board File Number: EB-2021-0052

Ottawa River Power Corporation has applied to the Ontario Energy Board to increase our electricity distribution rates. Please review the Ontario Energy Board’s Notice of Hearing to learn more and to find out how you can participate in the Ontario Energy Board’s hearing:

Notice of Application Ottawa River Power – English

Notice of Application Ottawa River Power – French

Below are links to the application, the evidence, and any amendments thereto:

Cover Letter
Exhibit 1: Administrative Documents
Exhibit 2: Rate Base and DSP
Exhibit 3: Revenues
Exhibit 4: Operation, Maintenance and Administrative Costs
Exhibit 5: Cost of Capital
Exhibit 6: Revenue Requirement
Exhibit 7: Cost Allocation
Exhibit 8: Rate Design
Exhibit 9: Deferral and Variance Accounts
2022 Benchmarking Forecast Model
2022 Cost Allocation Model EB-2021-0052
2022 OEB LRAMVA Workform EB-2021-00520930
2022 Test Year Income Tax PILs Workform EB-2021-0052
2022 Rev Req Workform EB-2021-0052
2022 RTSR Workform EB-2021-0052
2022 Load Forecast Model EB-2021-0052
2022 DVA Continuity Schedule EB-2021-0052
2022 Filing Requirements Chapter 5 Appendix EB-2021-0052
2022 Filing Requirements Chapter 2 Appendices EB-2021-0052
2022 1595 Analysis Workform EB-2021-0052
2022 Tariff Schedule & Bill Impact Model EB-2021-0052

Application for amendment to Electricity Distribution License – Ontario Energy Board File Number: EB-2021-0263

Ottawa River Power Corporation has submitted an application to the Ontario Energy Board for an Order or Orders approving an amendment to its licence allowing the purchase of power from Waltham Power and Company LP located in Quebec through Brookfield Renewable Trading and Marketing LP. The request would cover from the first day of the month following the month in which the Extension of the Regulatory Exemptions is granted by the Ontario Energy Board for a period of 5 years.

Below are links to the application, the evidence, and any amendments thereto:

Cover Letter
Appendix A EB-2021-0263
Appendix B EB-2021-0263
Appendix C EB-2021-0263
Appendix D EB-2021-0263
Appendix E EB-2021-0263
Appendix F EB-2021-0263