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As an electricity distributor in the province of Ontario, Ottawa River Power is responsible for the delivery of electricity to homes and businesses within our service territory. We do not transmit, generate or retail electricity. Our delivery rates represent the service costs to deliver electricity to our customers. Included in these costs are assets used for distribution, operations and maintenance costs, debt costs, and a rate of return on equity, which provides a regulated rate of return to our municipal shareholders.

The fees collected associated with the delivery rates contribute primarily to the following items:

  • Upgrading and replacing aged assets (line trucks, tools, maintenance equipment, metering systems)
  • Maintenance of poles, overhead wires, transformers, underground cables and other components required for the operation of the electrical network in Almonte, Beachburg, Killaloe and Pembroke.

Ottawa River Power takes pride in maintaining a reliable electrical distribution system. The investments made with the fees from our delivery rates benefit our customers by allowing us to make long term investments in the condition and safety of your electrical utility.

The following link is a document outlining the rates and charges for customers of Ottawa River Power: Rates and Charges

Information on the Time of Use (TOU) and Ultra-Low Overnight (ULO) Schedules can be found at the following link: Time of Use and Ultra-Low Overnight – Holiday Schedule

Information on Time of Use (TOU), Tiered, and Ultra-Low Overnight (ULO) Pricing can be found at the following link: Choosing your electricity price

Information on the Ontario System Wide Electricity Supply Mix can be found at the following link: Ontario 2022 Supply Mix