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If you intend on developing within the Ottawa River Power territory, please download and review the Developer Information Package. The purpose of this document is to provide a comprehensive summation of:

  • the process and scheduling timeframes,
  • all required documentation from all parties,
  • the process for communications through all stages of the process

This process has been developed by Ottawa River Power in order to provide consistency and clarity to developers, so that all parties understand all aspects and requirements of the process, to insure successful projects.

If you have reviewed the Developer Package and would like to discuss your plans with Ottawa River Power, please fill out our Developer Form.

Ottawa River Power Developer Package

Clearances to Electrical Infrastructure

Communication between all parties involved in the design, construction, renovation, and maintenance of properties near electrical infrastructure is key. Planners, architects, developers / contractors, and property owners must be informed and work together to ensure all laws, regulations and local requirements are met for the safety of workers and occupants.

For more information on clearances related to electrical infrastructure, please download and review the following resources: