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Ministry of Energy 
The Ministry of Energy works with many partners inside and outside of government to develop the electricity generation, transmission, distribution and other energy-related facilities that help power the Ontario economy.  It's responsibility is to ensure that Ontario’s electricity needs are met in a sustainable manner.  Developing renewable energy sources and fostering a conservation-oriented culture are cornerstones of Ontario's balanced plan to provide clean and reliable energy.

The OEB regulates both the electricity and natural gas sectors of Ontario.  This includes licensing generators, transmitters, distributors and retailers. It is also responsible for setting just and reasonable rates for the regulated entities.

Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)

The IESO manages Ontario's electricity system and operates the wholesale electricity market. It forecasts the demand for electricity and ensures there are available supplies to meet that demand. The IESO web site is a source for information regarding current and historical load levels for the province as well as load reduction warnings and appeals.  On January 1, 2015, the IESO merged with the Ontario Power Authority. The IESO now oversees conservation programs.

Electrical Safety Authority (ESA)

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is responsible for public electrical safety in Ontario as designated by Ontario Regulation 89/99. The ESA operates as an Administrative Authority under the Electricity Act 1998 and an Administrative Agreement with the Ministry of Government Services. The ESA had little impact on distribution utilities until 2004 when regulations were passed to have ESA monitor and inspect utility activity. This has resulted in increased costs to develop standards and processes and undertake audits to meet ESA requirements.

Hydro One Networks Inc.

HONI took over the transmission and distribution assets of the former Hydro One and has the responsibility for the construction and maintenance/operation of the provincial transmission grid as well as the distribution system that is primarily in the rural area.

Ontario Power Generation (OPG)

Ontario Power Generation was formed and took over the generation assets of the former Ontario Hydro with a current capacity of 22,173 MW. To try and create a competitive market, part of the capacity is regulated by the government and the remainder is subject to market forces.

Electricity Distributors Association (EDA)

The Electricity Distributors Association is the voice of Ontario's local electricity distributors who are publicly and privately owned companies that safely and reliably deliver electricity to over four million Ontario homes, businesses and public institutions. The EDA organization is run by the LDC’s through a Board of Directors. Utility staff and Directors can become involved through various councils, committees or on the Board.

Ontario’s System-Wide Electricity Supply Mix: 2014

Disclosure to Consumers, O. Reg. 416/99, requires retailers to disclose to consumers the Ontario system-wide electricity supply mix in the manner established by the Ontario Energy Board. The Board’s Directive for the Disclosure of Information to Consumers by Electricity Retailers under Ontario Regulation 416/99 prescribes the manner and timing requirements for this disclosure.

The Directive applies to all retailers, including distributors that provide standard supply service. Under O. Reg. 416/99 the Ministry of Energy is responsible for providing Ontario’s electricity supply mix data for electricity suppliers. The following label discloses the system-wide electricity supply mix data for 2014. This data must be used by electricity suppliers for the purposes of complying with the disclosure obligations of O. Reg. 416/99 and the Directive. This data should be considered current until further notice.